Friday, 11 November 2011

Call for participation!

Kino-Present is a Quantum Filmmaking project, which is core of the interdisciplinary practice-based PhD that iceberg Fernandez is developing at Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London).

Quantum Filmmaking is the live process of production and reception of participatory video-collages built upon the medium specificity of video mobile phones, Bluetooth and mobile social media such as, ubiquity, connectivity, and mobility, which enables the participation of anyone, anywhere, anytime, in the present tense. 

The practice emphasizes the performative role of the observer, interacting simultaneously with the OFF and ON line realms, during the (im)material processes of production and reception.

Quantum Filmmaking is the art of the probabilities and possibilities in which, as organic process, the artwork emerges during the development. There is not a definite outcome, since the system varies and changes every time the observers interact with it, and these variations are unpredictable.

Kino-Present is a XXI Century digital interpretation of The Man With The Movie Camera (Vertov 1929) reversing and synthesizing the ontological order of production and reception of traditional cinema, in which participants co-create film collages building upon contemporary domestic social media, Bluetooth and mobile technologies.

The single-screen video collages created throughout the Kino-Present process are the final trace, the documentary record of the dialectics between the different levels of participation in the OFF and ON line realms: Firstly, participants send the researcher fifteen-second video clips. These, are broadcasted in the public domain via Bluetooth to the mobile phones of the general public, creating ephemeral mobile cinemas. The video-clips are after uploaded onto the website from their mobile phones, and finally can be edited online, creating new video collages.

Collaborating in the project is very easy and open to everybody, professional and amateur filmmakers, with the special purpose of encouraging first time filmmakers, by using all the technical skills we all have developed after the standardization of the social and mobile media in post-industrial societies.
The submission call for participation is ongoing. We are welcoming from 15 second video-clips to full videos or rough footage of any length. Also, they can be produced in any format, from film and video to mobile phones.  You can send us the videos or the  links to:

By participating in the project you are confirming that you have all the rights to publish the videos and you are allowing Kino-Present their exhibition.

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